The Logistics Institute


The Leadership Program is an intensive six-day program designed for senior supply chain, logistics and global trade practitioners to hone business development and process management skills.

The in-residence setting allows for interactive, facilitated sessions that focus on issues and challenges that affect your company's capacity to succeed in globally competitive markets.


To ensure interactive participation among peers, registration in the Leadership Program is restricted to a maximum of 24 participants. To meet demand, you should select two delivery options that fit your schedule and indicate the order of preference for your first and second choice. If your first preference is filled by the time we approve your admission into the Program, we will automatically register you in your second choice.

Registration Fees include all accommodations and meals from the evening of Day 1 to lunch on Day 6, including an Executive Dinner on Day 4; all material and facilitation costs; and automatic registration in Q, the online Comprehensive Qualifier from Stanford University.

Oct 14 – 19, 2018

NOTE: Members include P.Log professional members and employees of corporate members of the Logistics Institute. To become a corporate member of the Logistics Institute, please contact Jasmine Gill at

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This Program is about leadership. It’s about professionals seeking new levels of organizational capability and personal talent. You will be challenged by the complexities of business in a global environment, while building on the foundation of your own experience and insight.

The goal is to develop you as a leader who proudly holds the P.Log designation. In collaboration with colleagues and peers, you will go on a transformation journey in global supply chain logistics complexities, and face ethical and professional dilemmas.


You will earn the P.Log [Professional Logistician], a public statement of credibility and competence in global supply chain and logistics. You will join a community of professionals located around the world.

To earn the P.Log, you must:

Qualify for entry into this Leadership Program: a minimum of 8 – 10 years senior business experience [résumé submitted with application];

Complete all pre-work readings and assignments and develop a team presentation of your assigned case for review by an industry board of professionals [Day 6];

Pass Q the online Comprehensive Qualifier.

Note: Q is a 6-part online international examination in global supply chain logistics developed by professors at Stanford University. It must be completed before Day 1 of the Leadership Program to ensure you are publicly recognized as a P.Log at the end of the program on Day 6.


Leadership. In residence at an executive centre where leaders talk to leaders about issues you face in your current role. Tap into shared insights and the collective wisdom of your peers.

Transformation. What keeps you awake at night? How do you handle it?

Global Business. Delivering value, handling complexity, analyzing risk, facing risk. How do you sustain successful relations among diverse players, along complex global supply chains?

Recognition. The P.Log is a step in the direction of career mobility and your commitment to lifelong learning. You earn the P.Log as a life choice enhanced by the career path you create for yourself.

Personal Development. Are you prepared to be part of an internationally mobile workforce which is competent, credible and worthy of worldwide recognition for the globally competitive market?